Grotta Palazzese Cave Restaurant 2 Italian Breaks

Italy Destinations – Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Italy

“Dolce far niente!”… Well, when you arrived in Italy, please stop for 5 minutes and admire the beauty of everything that surround you, famous shopping streets, natural reserves, alpine lakes, beautiful beaches, breathtaking monuments which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fine dining and culture… you’ll feel like you stepped off the roller coaster’s life.  🙂
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Rimini Italian Breaks

Beach Holidays in Italy – Best 5 Summer Locations

Summer holidays are the best! Why? Because there are plenty of elements that will make you feel great about yourself: the weather, the beaches, the tan, the cocktails, the nightlife and of course, the delicious meals that you can savour near the sea. Where you can do all that? Here’s a hint: ‘Dolce far niente!’. Continue reading…

Vatican Museum Courtyard Italian Breaks

Travel in Italy – 5 Places to Visit While in Rome

When you say Rome, an unexpected journey comes to your mind and feels like a romantic city break away from routine or a gorgeous family holiday is the right deal for you. From the best gelato shop across the street to a long list of popular places to visit in Rome, this town has become one of the most visited destination in the world, due to the incredible architecture, an inspiration to the whole artists table, panoramic views and fascinating sightseeing.
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saltimbocca alla romana italian breaks

Gourmet Cuisine in Italy – Top 5 Mediterranean Dishes

Italy is one of the countries also seen as “foodie heavens”. If you are looking for a destination where you can learn a new mellifluent language and eat amazingly healthy and strong flavored food, Italy should be your first choice. As you take a roadtrip through the colorful European “boot”, you will notice that not only the dialect changes, but also the food preferences and the recipe books vary depending on the region visited.
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