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Do You Speak Love? Learn The 5 Love Languages Italy Has to Offer

Inspired by the five love languages of Gary D. Chapman, we decided to offer our friends, future tourists and fellow Italy lovers, an ultimate love guide through Italy!

It is well known that Italians are passionate, proud, temperamental, jealous, possessive, colorful, spontaneous, charming, sensual, irresistible, impatient, sensitive, macho, noisy, warm-hearted, excellent cooks, stylish, bon viveurs and football fanatics. They know how to love everything that surrounds them, from cars to women and food and… simply everything!

Couple 2 - ValentinesDay - Rome - Italian Breaks


That is actually the reason why Italy is one of the most popular honeymoon and wedding destination. People simply want to fall in love and be in love in Italy, because of its unique charm and its complex palette of emotions and feelings. You get to taste the finest wines, eat the most delicious meals and take some extremely romantic walks, all with your life partner. It is not a question of age or of months spent together, but of languages…love languages, which Italy speaks so well.

Words of Affirmation in Rome

Couple - ValentinesDay - Rome - Italian Breaks


Appreciation is very important in a relationship and every one of us has his own way of manifesting it. Italians are warm and often make compliments to their partners. In order to be able to appreciate your loved one, you have to learn to like or at least understand all of their passions and preferences. If one of you is in love with art, then the right choice of a region for a romantic holiday for two is definitely Rome. Here you will get the chance to take long walks and see lots and lots of beautiful art which will recharge your ‘creative batteries’ for a really long time.

Here you have three lovely Italian Breaks properties in Rome, especially designed for you and your loved one:

Apartment – Casa Beni, Rome Centre

Casa Beni - Rome - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day

Apartment – Casa Farnese, Rome Centre

Casa Farnese - Rome - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day

Apartment – Fresco, Rome Centre

Villa Fresco - Rome - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day

Acts of Service in Sicily

Cooking class Sicily - Valentines Day - Italian Breaks


A successful couple is actually a great team. Each partner has to get involved equally in the relationship so that there won’t be any imbalances. If she works all day long, comes home and starts cooking for the whole family or just for you, be sure to return this favor, which can seem simple and unimportant, but is not. You can explore the Acts of Service language in Italy by booking a cookery course. She will be really happy to see that you are willing to learn to cook and take her part of chores from time to time. The best place in Italy to do this is Sicily, so here you have some Italian Breaks accommodation recommendations:

Villette Taormina, Catania/Taormina Area

Villette Taormina - Sicily - Italian Breaks Valentines Day

Apartment Villa dei Leoni – Uni, Catania/Taormina Area

Villa dei leoni uno - Sicily - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day

Villa Cottage Fiorello – Catania/Taormina Area

Cottage Fiorello - Sicily - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day

Receiving gifts in Arezzo

Jewelry Shopping - Arezzo - Valentines Day - Italian Breaks


When it comes to receiving and giving gifts in Italy, we’re talking gold. Yes, gold. Italians are the most fashionable people in the world and they make and wear the most beautiful jewelry there is. If you want to get some really great gifts for your partner, then you have to visit Florence, especially Arezzo, which is considered to be the jewelry capital of Italy. Here are some of the most beautiful Italian Breaks properties in Florence:

Apartment – Casa Firenze Trilo, Florence Centre
Casa Firenze Trilo - Florence - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day
Apartment – Santa Croce, Florence Centre
Santa Croce Apartment - Florence - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day
Apartment – Giorgia S – Baldacchino, Florence Centre
Giorgia Baldicchino - Florence - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day

Quality time in Venice or Tuscany

at-home pasta cooking session in Miami / photo:


This love language is one of the most important, because it defines life itself. If you don’t get to spend quality time with your loved one, you lose interest in each other and in your relationship. Italy is the country of quality time, because it offers you the chance to take your lover on long walks  on the streets of Venice or to exquisite wine tasting sessions in Tuscany. These are incomparable experiences that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.
Step out of these beautiful properties directly into a romantic gondola!

Apartment – Casa Licia, Cannaregio
Casa Licia - Venice - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day
Apartment – Sospiri Trilo, San Marco
Sospiri Apartment - Venice - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day

Winestastic villas in Tuscany, that will offer you an amazing experience with your lover:

Apartment – Casa Tognina Trilo, Flore Surrounding Area
Casa Tognina Trilo - Tuscany - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day
Villa Cassia, Florence Surrounding Area
Villa Cassia - Tuscany - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day

Physical Touch in Sorrento

Couple - ValentinesDay - Positano - Italian Breaks


Physical touch has a big emotional influence on our lives. It makes us feel loved and cherished. Italy is a country that has this special effect on couples, which makes them hate being apart. Holding hands, cuddling and having delicious meals, all happening at the charming seaside of Italy. This sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it? Here you have some beautiful accommodation in Sorrento and on the Amalfi Coast.

Villa Casa Mareluna, Positano Area
Casa Mareluna - Sorrento - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day
Villa D’oro, Positano Area
Villa Doro - Sorrento - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day
Villa Torricella, Sorrento Area
Villa Torricella - Sorrento - Italian Breaks - Valentines Day

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