9 Of The Best Travel Bloggers Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets About Italy


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So, you’ve been planning that awesome vacation to Italy for a while now, you are almost set to go and you think you have everything ready? Not before you read these direct experiences of traveling to Italy from people who travel A LOT, some even do it for a living!

We asked some of the top travel bloggers who have visited Italy to reveal their best kept secrets. They will guide you through what to eat, where to go, what to avoid and what you should definitely pack for when you’re going to Italy for the first time. Continue reading…


Tips and hints for a perfect holiday in Venice – Part II

Your trip in Venice is not over! There are some other interesting Tips&Hints that we want to share with you, so that your trip could be absolutely perfect. We’ve talked about the most beautiful touristic attractions in Venice, about the accommodation and the long romantic morning or evening walks that any of us should take while traveling to the City of Water.  Continue reading…

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Gourmet Cuisine in Italy – Top 5 Mediterranean Dishes

Italy is one of the countries also seen as “foodie heavens”. If you are looking for a destination where you can learn a new mellifluent language and eat amazingly healthy and strong flavored food, Italy should be your first choice. As you take a roadtrip through the colorful European “boot”, you will notice that not only the dialect changes, but also the food preferences and the recipe books vary depending on the region visited.
Continue reading…